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 invoiceit!4 Version History
V4.2 was retired in August 2008, replaced by V5.1, renamed invoiceit!Pro. 
Download copies of V4.2.29 are still available for existing users who need to re-install, but don't wish to upgrade. 

Version 4.2.29 changes - Sep 2007:

The following changes were made to make invoiceit compatible with MS Vista operating system:
   Help file has been changed to HTML format (inv4.chm)
   Installation for Vista now defaults to C:\ProgramData\ as this is the recommended folder for applications that write to files. It should not be changed!
   The SendKeys function is not supported by Vista and all instances have been changed to compatible functions (for example the button "Time Stamp" on the client note pad).
In release 29.1 we fixed an error which occurred when deposits were entered manually. Product categories have been re-named Product Groups.
Release 29.2: fix concerning some billing frequencies in auto-invoicing (like 6-monthly) which failed in some instances.
A version was posted without change of number, but dated March 12, 2008, to fix a problem with the repair/compact functions on the start menu. Work has started to update the design of invoiceit!4

Version 4.2.28 changes - Aug 2006:

New Features:
Statement conditions - you can now enter your terms and conditions on Setup p.6 and apply them to statements.
Statement sort order has been changed to Sort code, then Client ID - this gives an alphabetical sort and should assist verification (release 28.1). 
Debtors' report for past date - you can now determine your debtors' position for previous dates - this will assist your accountant to determine debtors as at end of financial year (updated with release 28.1).
start-up error "invalid use of null" has been identified and fixed
when selecting stock (inventory) from 'Add item' button, the description was not transferred to invoice/quote - this new bug has been fixed.
invoice total on invoice footer (remittance slip) sometimes did not format properly - fixed

Version 4.2.27 changes - Apr 2006:

New Features:
Price change function - you can apply a percentage to increase or decrease prices in bulk. Select by vendor, by product, by product category, by price level and combinations. Apply from Stock/Inventory menu or Services menu (Price Change button at left).
Backup - can now be set to a specific folder (fails to work in some situations - refer fix below)
Accounts reconciliation - made easier to use 
Accounts entry - you can now post refunds to the same ledger where it was originally posted to
Report on write-offs/offsets has been changed to allow any date range (previously just one month)
Graphs - new graphs added (by client group, by product group and total sales); now you can select a custom date range (default is current month plus 12 prev. months)
Stock/Inventory monitoring: when adding items using the 'Add Item' button, a quantity sold prompt appears and inventory is adjusted immediately (same as the 'Code' dropdown)
Document memory: when you write a new document (invoice, quote, etc) and need to exit before it is completed, the program will memorize it and bring it up on entry when you return.
List reports for quotes/invoices/contracts now include client ref and e-mail. The fax column has been dropped
Template buttons have been moved to left vertical menu
Client selection reminder turns off after 10 documents.
on Accounts an error in the check(cheque) dropdown has been fixed
Error when converting quotes has been fixed
Product History button on Stock/Inventory menu is now unlocked
value-added tax countries
: Tax can now be edited manually - click Tax button at lower left on invoice (release 27.1)
Backup has been fixed and a backup restore function added. Both are on Setup menu at lower left. (release 27.1)

Version 4.2.26 changes - Jan 2006:

Kit assembly: to avoid confusing behavior, kits can now only be assembled or edited when they are assigned to product category 'Kits'. You have to create the kit product in the main window first.
Profitability reports: corrected anomalies among the seven variants of this report
Invoice line item dropdown selector: When a different product was selected from a dropdown that already contained a product an error occurred in inventory count because this re-selection was not allowed for.
E-mail of quotation, invoice and contract confirmation: in certain circumstances an error #2501 happened. This is an inconsequential system error and has been eliminated.
Client History accounts summary report: date format problem corrected
Product transaction history: format problem with some of the lines corrected
Inventory (Stock) level indicator error fixed (error occurred when current inventory was exactly the same as max. inventory)
Mail Menu - labels: new formats for UK addresses has been added.
Startup (does not affect registered users): invoiceit reverts to start up on 'My Data', to avoid inadvertent use of sample data set with real data (and then find that they can't be transferred).

Version 4.2.25 changes - Oct/Nov 2005:

Contracts (auto-invoicing): correcting error from last version which prevented due dates from being written; hide contract total on Contract Confirmation (useful when contracts are indefinite) - for default see Setup p.4; on Confirmation, the summary statement at the top has no last invoice date when you hide total; text of that statement can be customized on Setup p.5; text of contract invoice reference can be customized on Setup p.5
Quotation: hide totals (useful when you quote alternatives, like price breaks, etc.) - for default see Setup p.4
Release 25.1:
Kits: correcting a bug that caused some kit assemblies to fail
Discount (does not apply in US/Canada): when discount AND freight were applied at the same time it caused the tax on the discount to be miscalculated
Tax reports (does not apply in US): the tax registration number of the user has been added at the top of these reports
Shipping label: now includes the invoice number and a label counter (as in "item 2 of 10")
Invoice conditions: the conditions on Setup p.6 at lower right will now automatically be added when converting a quotation to invoice (previously not included) and when auto-invoices are written (previously showed the contract conditions). Existing notes from the original auto-invoice setup will also be transferred.
Startup (does not affect registered users): import/export no longer available during trial; invoiceit now starts up on 'Sample Data' - previously the blank 'My Data'

Version 4.2.24 changes - July/Sep 2005:

Job input form: errors occurred on job reports button (Clients Menu - Jobs button); double-click link to invoice failed due to a link error.
Receipts: using Receipt Preview caused an error in certain circumstances, because the receipt dialog did not close properly 
Network station re-install: if a computer was changed it required resetting all the network connections using a special unset utility. Replaced with the "Unset" button. It disconnects that workstation from the network and allows re-connection.
Security access (network users only): Setup main menu has been excluded as this prevents changes to Setup later. Individual buttons can still be locked, however.
Setup p.1 - when changing tax rates, the program updates the inventory (stock) rates. This process failed if the sample database was not in its expected location. 
Auto-invoicing: in some instances the last invoice date and number of due dates did not compute properly. Deleting "due dates" will now reset the contract total and last invoice date. 
Accounts: auto-transactions caused GST/VAT to be entered wrong -
Report 'Receipt Summary': due to column count error this report failed to open (it summarizes receipts by payment method for up to one year) - Receipt preview - this stalled when attempting to print from the preview - fixed
Inventory/Stocktake entry: added function that corrects entry errors (zero quantity should equate to zero value and vice versa.
New Product entry: stocktake/inventory values are set if you monitor inventory. This prevents items from being missed in the inventory valuation list
Import: function has been modified concerning Yes/No fields - values now accepted are TRUE/FALSE, YES/NO or -1/0
Payment entry: double-click of the amount paid will recognize the date set on the input form. Previously it assumed today and caused some bank balances to be missed. Also the receipt is now credited to the bank account selected on Setup p.4. - previously the double-click assumed #1 bank account.

Version 4.2.23 changes - Mar 2005:

Bug fixes: this concerns only those users who are in value-added tax countries and whose prices are tax-inclusive. In some such situations, the tax was calculated incorrectly. The VAT/GST rate sometimes was omitted from invoices/quotes.
Some references in the program incorrectly stated that the maximum size of the product code is 10 characters - it is actually 12 and these references have been corrected.
US Sales Tax list: the rates have been updated as of Jan 1, 2005 ( Of course, you can change the rate manually yourself.

Version 4.2.22 changes - Jan 2005:

New features:
client selection on Quotation, Invoice and Contract (auto billing): on Setup p.4 you can select to use the dropdown as before or the new client selector screen which allows search and select by many different criteria, incl. phone number, e-mail address and many others. The client pick list is called by clicking on the magnifier button next to client's name.
The client select dropdown has been changed to show name, address and place of clients, as in the Find dropdown on the Clients screen. On the Accounts screen, the job field has been changed to a dropdown. It shows all jobs not yet finished (i.e. those that have no 'finished' date).
Job report: a new report was added to summarize billing by job and associated expenditure from Accounts. A nett total provides a quick-glance total for billings less expenses. Suitable for time billing. All job reports have been moved to Reports menu. Select the Jobs option at left.
Account History by client: this report now includes client check numbers, if you record them. (

Bug fix: graphs showed the wrong months on US date configurations (mm/dd/yyyy). 
v. - Tax report (Canada) had two columns transposed.
Some accounts reports failed to open when accessed from Reports Menu.

Version 4.2.21 changes - Dec 2004
(an upgrade charge applies if your version is older than this)

New feature: Accounts Transaction Report - you can now select a specific bank account (previously all bank accounts were included). This also applies to the 'Unconfirmed Items' report (accounts entries not yet reconciled).

Bug fixes: when entering payment receipts, some descriptions became too long to fit the available space, and this prevented transfer to Accounts. Fixed.
Adding interest charges - Setup p.6. This caused an error when double-clicking on the invoice ID. The interest input form has been removed from Setup and is found in the vertical menu bar under "Invoices"
Global button - this button (found on all input forms with addresses) has been removed. To see the states/provinces/counties from other countries, first select the country, then return to the "State" selector and select from that dropdown. Not all countries' subdivisions are supported. If not found, enter after the City.
Default State/Province - when entering clients on the fly, the default state did not appear. Fixed. You can set this on Setup p.1 at lower right.

Version 4.2.20 changes - Sep/Nov 2004:

Date and currency displays have been improved.
invoiceit! will pick up currency and date displays as set on your computer by default.  Click Customize to change if required.
Check (cheque) numbers are now associated with a bank account,
Report by product allows listing of selected charge items for specific date period (displays optional cost total)
Record clients' check (cheque) numbers when posting receipts
Contract conditions are now copied to auto-invoices
Price precision can be set to 5 decimal points
All reports have a uniform appearance for a better corporate image
A service business layout for invoice columns can be selected on Setup p.3
Tax reports for Canada and South Africa are now based on invoices (sales) - previously based on receipts (v.
Bug fixes: Template button failed to copy shipping address; 
only in some countries: Receipt Entry (double-click) caused date to be misread when transferring to Accounts.
An error on the invoice template has been fixed; when double-clicking a payment receipt amount, the now defaults to Date Paid (previously to today's date) - (v.

Version 4.2.19 changes - Aug 2004:

Receipts Entry  the bank account no longer defaults to account #1. Instead you can set your own default account
Purchases Report - a new report allows print-out of purchases by supplier/vendor
Client Type - you can now set the default client type (Corporate or Individual). This will avoid the prompt when entering a new client
Bug fix: the date of payment on Receipt is now properly formatted

Version 4.2.18 changes - Apr 2004:

EU countries - add the 10 Accession countries and their tax rates
new countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta 
Tax Registration numbers - remove input template and add EU country prefix
Importing has been simplified and is more robust
Canada - new tax reports based on invoice date (prev. date paid)
Date formats - now nine different versions supported
Currency formats - improved currency display, customizable by user 
currency symbol can now be set by user (prev. taken from computer settings); removed support for currencies without decimals
Invoice/Quote: improve number of line items per page; fix empty line in shipping address; if invoice has been printed you can no longer change client; part-payment locks invoice (prev. only full payment)
Direct Mail letter format improved - #10 envelopes now show address in window 
Price List - allow printing of multiple copies 
On-the-fly entry of clients: contact details have been added
Setup p.4: font selector added for return address
Save deleted invoices in hidden file (to check on staff fraud and to provide proof to auditors) - details available to reg. users only.
Sales stat graphs - correct error in date display
Sales by product graph - correct problem with large product IDs
Job number function error - corrected

Version 4.2.17 changes - Jan 2004:

Landscape reports: these have been re-sized to prevent cut-off when using 'Letter' size paper
Ship-to address: modified to show Address lines 1 and 2 on separate lines (previously combined on line 1) - applies to Invoice, Receipt, Packing Slip, Quotation and Contract Confirmation.

Version 4.2.16 changes - Dec 2003:

Receipt/Packing Note: preview added (allows selection of printer)
Product Entry: browser added to allow easy insert of product pictures for price list
E-mail: improved e-mail prompts when sending invoices or quotations
Accounts: Ledger must now be selected and prompts will ensure this
Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.2.15 changes - Nov 2003:

Navigation: invoiceit will now remember the last record you viewed on each of the first seven Menu items (Clients to Auto invoicing). Click on any of these menus and you will see the last entry that was previously opened. In a network setting each workstation is independently monitored so you won't see someone elses record. 
When you change from 'My Data' to Sample data or vice versa, this memory is erased and starts afresh. 
Network: the data file (inv4data.mdb) can now be located on a different computer, without the need to install the program on that computer.
This can only be done for a single program installation per computer. Multiple instances of invoiceit must have their respective data file in the program folder to which it belongs.
Jobs: you can view or edit a job from the Invoice input form (click pencil button next to Job dropdown)
Job Reports: from Invoices, you can PRINT jobs for the selected client (All jobs; completed jobs only; jobs in progress - those without a finish date)
from Clients, you can PREVIEW then print jobs (All jobs for the selected client; completed jobs for ALL clients; jobs in progress for ALL clients - those without a finish date)
Mail section: now allows preview of letter (to check for typos, etc and avoid printing all letters before noticing typo errors). Also improved error trapping.
Diary: entries restricted to 60 characters. If longer, the entry is reduced progressively to fit (entry includes client name, contact name and phone number) 
Invoice/Quote/Contract entry of charge items: you can now search by code or description.
Overdue Quotations Report: enter number of weeks overdue (previously fixed at 2 weeks)
Bug fixes: Interest input form - regional currency and date display corrected
Invoices paid & locked - corrected error that caused this to appear on invoices with no line items. 
Installation: drivers for import/export of .xls and .csv files are now installed.

Version 4.2.14 changes - Sep 2003:

- Data Import/Export - Setup (bottom center)
- Network security (lock out prying eyes from network installations) 
  this is only available to registered network copies and can be set on 
the workstations only.
- Price levels can be calculated automatically using a factor - Setup p.6
- add interest to overdue invoices (optional, of course) - Setup p.6

- side button pictures replaced with text
- hide contract value on contract confirmation - Setup p.4
- spell checker added (Records Menu - Spelling)
- improved formatting for invoices in e-mail message body 

bugfixes and corrections:
- offset now possible for overpaid invoices (previously only for credits)
- decimals setting extended to price list and product/services list
- Australia: ABN extended to 12 digits
- invoices written from contracts now include the contract conditions
- font changes on some forms to improve legibility
- File copy 'Auto' option (Setup p.4) - did not reset file copy mode, which does not show header/footer of invoice to save ink.

Version 4.2.13 changes - Aug 2003:

New Features: Apply surcharges to quotes, invoices and 
contracts; create quotes, invoices and contracts from templates
(select any document and copy it to a new one)
New Reports: Sales by product (grouped by Supplier/Vendor),
both detailed and summary
South Africa only: Tax Reports in which income is grouped by 
Invoice Date, not date paid.
Cashbook now returns to the line being edited 
instead of returning to the end of the list;
Arkansas/Missouri only: allow tax rates to 3 decimal points;
Bulk print: fixed count error when determining how many 
invoices or quotations to print
Canada: PST calculation error on manual edit form corrected
Mail section: improved label selection

Version 4.2.12 changes - June 2003:

Bugfixes: GST/VAT tax report total now refers to proper name of tax;
Percentage omitted from tax total on invoice or quotation if applied tax rates vary from line to line
Corrections to Offset feature (offset invoices against credits)

Version 4.2.11 changes - June 2003:

Bugfix: Statement batch print error corrected (remittance slip only printed on last page);
Aged balances 3 months+: fixed double reporting with invoices dated 1st of month

Version 4.2.10 changes - May 2003:

Improved Security - requires new registration code - Charge of $20 applies
Set prices to 3 or 4 decimal places, if required
Bugfix: auto-invoice bulk print run failed to set print
date, causing invoices to be printed again later.

Version 4.2. 09 changes - March 2003:

Document Layout: (invoice, quotation, 
receipt and contract confirmation) total will now appear
on page 1, if multi-paged.
Bugfixes: Invoice list display - widen ID column
Profitability by product report: include Services with
cost content.
Transaction by Client: correct balance display error
On-the-fly entry of client from Quote/Contract:
fix error when writing shipping address

Version 4.2.08 changes - Feb 2003:

Multi-page Documents: (invoice, quotation, 
statement and contract confirmation) the remittance
slip now only appears on the last page.
Page numbers have been added, if multi-paged.
Main form has been widened.
Bugfixes: Tax rounding has been removed to give
correct tax totals.
Below/above inventory reports: fixed value
calculation error when inventory is zero

Version 4.2.07 changes - Jan 2003:

Receipt: you are now prompted for a file copy; 
Document header is turned off on file copies to.
save on printer ink.
A default can be set for method of payment when
entering receipts.
Bugfixes: long client names did not print properly;
purchase entry sometimes stalled due to incorrect
transaction ID setting;
Current inventory value displayed incorrectly on
products input form

Version 4.2.05 changes - Nov 2002:

In the diary section, three new appointment
summary reports
have been added.
Summarize appointments by person, client or vendor
Additional contact points have been placed to make
it easier to request information or send comments.
Existing users: requires upgrade of datafile
click on download button for details.

Version 4.2.04 changes - Oct 2002:

Client and vendor (supplier) profiles added -
click on the Notes tab and print out the complete
entry for the selected client/vendor.

Version 4.2.03 changes - Oct 2002:

Product ID size: increased to 12 characters
Bugfix: update of total inventory value corrected

Version 4.2.02 changes - Oct 2002:

Receipt: now includes payment details for part or full payments of invoice
Info shown includes date of receipt, method of payment and amount. A balance outstanding is shown also.
Kits: When writing new kit, entry of Kit Price is no longer essential;
Missing cost values are replaced with 0 to prevent errors;
Component quantities can be less than inventory, making it possible to use the kit form to set up kit templates for later 'assembly'. Total Value of short components matches total inventory value of that component.
Example: you require 36 components but have only 15 with a total value of $150 - kit template will show Qty:36, Cost Total: $150.00.
This will ensure correct inventory values when you assemble the kit (i.e. transfer the inventory values from component to kit).
: entry of partial receipts created cashbook entry with wrong date format in some instances.
Contracts-due report (auto-billing forecast) contained grouping error

V4.0 first appeared on 11 June 2001; V4.1 released on 7 December 2001 and V4.2 followed on 14 August 2002. 

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