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Service Charges
Set up your service charges with invoiceit!Pro and Time+

invoiceit! billing software for your services
type F to go full size - If you charge for your services, invoiceit! lets you set up and save your service charges

If you charge for your services, here is where you set up and save your service charges. Create a simple ID for each, enter up to five different price levels and they become your template for adding to invoices and quotations, even to auto invoicing templates. Once on the invoice, the description and price can be changed just for that invoice.

From here you can organize your services, view sales stats, setup, print or e-mail price lists and more.

If you are a web host, or a consultant who charges for time or a trades person or simply charge for services, ignore the Inventory section and set up your charges here.

invoiceit! billing software with instant sales stats
type F to go full size - view or print quick overview statistics like these for each service with invoiceit!

<-- view or print quick overview statistics like these for each service with invoiceit!
A large number of sales and list reports are also at your disposal, many customizable.


on an invoice you can simply type your charge description and add a unit price. But it makes sense to save recurring charges as separate charge items. This gives your business some structure and lets you summarize your sales by service or group, as well as other criteria. 
For saved items, the description and price can been changed just for one invoice and additional information added to the invoice as plain text. 

To see an example on the printed invoice, click here - scroll down to the second invoice sample.

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