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Overview - how does invoiceit! create invoices?

invoiceit! is based on the principle that everything should only be entered once to save you time.
So, instead of typing a client's name and address every time you raise an invoice for them, you enter the client details in the client list once, then select from that list the one to be billed.

The same applies to charge items. You create a lookup list of your products and services, descriptions, prices etc. then pick the items off the list. Each time you pick a product, the description and list price you entered in the lookup list will be copied to your invoice. If required, you can change a description or price just on that invoice only. The next time you pick the same item, it will again show the description and price you entered in the lookup list.
This makes raising invoices quick and saves you time. Clients are 'associated' with invoices on a one-to-many basis, meaning that one client can appear on many invoices. The same applies to products (inventory/stock). One product can appear on many invoices. There are many similar 'associated' data lists in invoiceit! illustrate.

When you have used a client or product once, they can no longer be deleted but are instead 'removed' - set as no longer current. The pick lists of clients and products only show those that are current, so you don't waste time of wading through lists of long-ago names and items. By not deleting those old clients or products, you also preserve their associated sales statistics.

See how  our invoicing software works.

Take a look at the diagram above to see how it all comes together and how the default descriptions and prices (shown at left) were changed on the invoice. 

In this example, the price for strawberries was increased and organic pears were less than the list prices. Tofu stayed the same and packing charges have no list price, since that is different for each sale. (the arrows indicate variations from list prices in this example, but are not a program feature) Taxes are not shown in this example, but invoiceit! will apply them automatically where appropriate.

You can take your time and enter all your clients and products in one sitting, or you can add them 'on the fly' (as you go), since invoiceit! has a convenient way of popping up entry points for new clients and products while you are setting up the invoice. This adds them to the lookup lists quickly and at the same time as the invoice is created.

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