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invoiceit! - your inventory software 

Your inventory is probably the most valuable asset in your business. Monitoring inventory requires inventory software that can do this job for you. 

get invoiceit!5 (UK server) <--try out invoiceit! free for 30 days and look at the sample data to see how comprehensively you will be kept informed about your inventory levels and movements. And check out the other brilliant features of invoiceit!: quotations, invoicing, purchase orders, automatic billing of regular deliveries, accounting, appointments scheduler, direct marketing to your clients and much more. All for an affordable price.

invoiceit! will answer your important questions like
how much is your
inventory worth? 
how old is it? 
are we making any profit from it? 
do we have enough of it or too much? 
when is it time to re-order? 
how much are we selling and to whom.

How to manage and control your inventory with invoiceit!
set up your inventory items and enter your current quantities and value. Add the minimum and maximum inventory levels for each item and you're ready to monitor your inventory. Every time you raise an invoice, your inventory is automatically reduced and each time you enter your purchases it is increased and re-valued. You will know exactly what you've got, at any time. You can even do 'rolling inventory counts' - count any inventory item when you want instead of the interruption to business by doing annual counts.

Inventory Reports of movements, location, by supplier, by product group and adjustments are easily obtained. Even  Profitability (GP) is not forgotten. All this will give you a better control and management of your Inventory and Business.

It is also possible to create kits (items you assemble from components you carry as inventory). Create them for sale later, or just-in-time for each order.

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make custom pricelists with product pictures

create custom illustrated pricelists with ease. You can e-mail them to your customers as PDF attachments.

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