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A typical day in a busy busy 
invoiceit! office

Here’s our team in their cool office – Michelle (Reception, Admin), Tom (Manager), Edward (Accounts) and Rebecca (Sales)

It is 8:45am. Tom holds a quick meeting to discuss what the day has in store. Earlier he finished opening and sorting the snail mail. 12 orders, 26 payments, 6 sales inquiries, 2 accounts inquiries – it will be a hectic day. And he is only just starting on the e-mails…


Michelle - Admin

Tom - Manager

Edward - Accounts

Rebecca - Sales


The phone rings and Tracy is on the line, who works for one of our main clients. M. opens the client screen and records the conversation on the client notepad. She clicks on the e-mail button to send a quick confirmation of the discussions.

Examines the day’s sales appointments for the five sales people which Michelle printed out for him earlier. The 1-page comparison shows they will have a busy day.

E. begins entering today’s receipts to keep the debtors’ ledger up-to-date. A mix of checks, money orders, even a cash deposit.

R. checks the orders. Mostly the items are in the store and she begins writing the invoices.


One of the sales reps wants a list of clients from his area because he wants to call them later about a new deal. M. prints it out for him.

T. suggests that the sales rep should do an e-mail marketing message to those clients. He asks M. to prepare the list of those clients who previously bought the old widget. The message will tell them about the new one. Some guaranteed sales here.

Finished the receipts and prints out the daily banking summary. and receipts summary.

The packing slips have been printed and are in the warehouse. Assembling the orders and packing is under way.


She looks up how many wingdings have been sold recently and who are the top clients for this. Planning some courtesy phone calls to thank them for their business.

Contract business has been good lately and T. helps enter some more contracts to set up auto-billing

Looks over the accounts receivable report. There’s a couple of customers who have been late with payment recently and he will give them a call shortly.

she forgot to do the packing labels earlier, so they are now in the warehouse also.


finished this week’s auto-billing. All 87 invoices were e-mailed and took just a minute to write and send.


Phoning slow debtors using the detailed debtors’ list. It has all the info he needs in case they ask questions.

Networth Corp. phones to accept the quotation R. sent them last week. She locates it and and converts the quote to an invoice with a click.


Fred from the warehouse has taken product pictures of all the new widgets and M is busy loading them into the product setup.

gets an e-mail with the new company logo attached. T. changes the logo on Setup to update all documents in one go.






enters bills paid yesterday into Accounts

prints out a custom illustrated price list for a client she spoke to and e-mails it to him.


With the arrival of the new super widgets, T. asked her to prepare a marketing letter to prospects

after checking an inventory report he decides to place a purchase order as they are running low on glow-in-the-dark widgets.

updates checks (cheques) list because a new check book arrived from the bank



prints out a contacts list of clients who were added in the last month. Customer service will use it to ensure they are happy with their purchases.


A couple of auto-payments are set up in Accounts. One is for the premium of a new insurance, the other for the cleaning contractor. This will save manual entry every month.

The new service department will use time billing and R. tests the feature to get it ready for launch next month. A task list is set up with appropriate charges.



T. is concerned about some product prices and prints out a profitability report


prints out last month’s sales stats by staff for a meeting later that afternoon.


prints out statements of overdue debtors and e-mails them

After discussion with E. new prices are agreed and he runs the price change function.

Reconciles accounts with one of the bank statements that arrived this morning



Sales want a follow up report of quotations not yet accepted, so they can follow through and close these sales

Prints out the product movement history. The inventory of these products is counted and inventory valuation and count date is revised.

Adds a new price level for wholesale clients and starts entering prices for this level and selects the clients who will be on that level.

sets up regular monthly meetings with a couple of new clients using the scheduler auto-entry


prints out the daily schedules for the reps ready for the morning


the end-of-month tax reports are due soon and he previews them

runs a report to show income by sources of business to determine how effective their last advertising campaign has been.


creates a new mailing list of clients with low turnover during last six months. R. will write to them with a new special offer.


some clients have asked for a transaction history to reconcile their accounts. He e-mails a couple and prints two more.

a problem with a serial number has arisen and R calls up the serial number tracker to determine who got which



updates his To-Do Diary for tomorrow. When he starts up invoiceit in the morning, these entries will flash up and remind him.

prints out a profitability by client report to check on which sales rep is making the best profit.






last minute invoice for a phone order. The order is exactly the same as one from this morning and she uses the invoice template to write the invoice in a few seconds.


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