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Create an invoice in just 3 Steps with invoiceit!Pro

Do you need to create an invoice, quickly and easily? invoiceit! is the invoicing software with accounting that is suitable for businesses of any size - with invoiceit! you can create an invoice in three simple steps, as shown below. You click to start a new invoice, you click again to add a new client, and finally you add a new charge item by either just typing in Description field, or by clicking on Pick List to add a saved item (like inventory). 

make an invoice easily

And for seriously fast data entry, you can use any invoice or quote as a template to create another - one click, select a different client, make a few minor adjustments and you're done.

This means that invoiceit! can actually save you time when making invoices. The program lets you save charge items so that products, services, clients etc., need only be entered once and are then picked from dropdown lists. The longer you use invoiceit! the faster it gets. 
And still you get the flexibility to just type what you want without restriction and put a price on it.

With invoiceit! you can create an invoice exactly the way you want. All invoices can be customized to suit the needs of your business - add your company logo, show or hide columns, select font settings and much more. Click here to see some examples of how to design an invoice for your business.

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