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How to set up Recurring Billing
charging for the same items or services on a regular basis

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1.) Click on Auto-Invoicing on the main menu bar:   
This will access the contracts screen.

Follow the Steps:

Step 1 - click on New Contract button, the green + button at top left.

Step 2 - if auto-numbering is not enabled (Setup p.6), double-click the Contract Number box, otherwise select a client from the dropdown or pick list (click the pencil button to add a new client, if applicable)

Step 3 - enter the first invoice date - click on the First Invoice field and select date from pop-up calendar

Step 4 - select the interval (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.)

Step 5 - if contract has no known end, check "auto-extend", otherwise enter the duration in weeks or months

Step 6 - add charge items to the contract - you can include extra text lines, discount, freight and even 
your contract or payment conditions - edit taxes, where required with the 'Taxes' button at lower left.

Step 7 - view and edit 'due' dates - the dates on which this billing will be actioned.


To preview, print or e-mail confirmation of this contract, click the appropriate button at center left.

Every time you click on the Invoices Menu button, the program will check if contract invoices are 
due and will write them accordingly. If nothing will be added to these invoices you can let the program print 
them out in bulk. The list above will then show the invoice number and the date on which the invoice was printed.

If you want to add items to any of these invoices, decline the auto- print request, then open each invoice to 
add further items. These additional items are only applied to this invoice. The next invoice due for this contract 
will revert to those items listed in the contract setup. You can make changes to a contract item list. These 
changes are then applied the next time an invoice is due for that contract.
Click 'Auto Invoices' button at left to manage due invoices:


a report is available to show the invoices due over the next 12 months (you can adjust that time frame). 
Click on Reports Menu, select 'Sales Stats' option at left, then click on 'Contracts due' at right. Now click the Print 
button at top right. Here is an example:

Another report alerts you of contracts that will expire in a selected month, or are due in a selected month. 
Click on Reports Menu, select 'Follow ups' at left. The two reports at lower right concern contracts. 
Select the month you wish to examine, then click Print or Preview buttons. 

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