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 What invoiceit! users say

Many thanks for your help and let me take this opportunity to tell you that I am delighted with the functionality of this application, it has served me and my company very well and is the heart and hub of our financial department. Recursive email billing is amazing and can be relied upon, the reports are excellent and flexible to any requirements and the email report feature is a real bonus. Ignite recommends this application to it's clients.
Michael Hein (Director of Ignite Systems LTD),

I rate invoiceit! as 1 the (Best I've seen)
- very intuitive! Can start right away by creating an invoice. Great feature keeps track of top six clients - helps keep track of the twenty per cent. This is a great program that has lots of thought in its creation.
I recommend it to: All small business owners, self employed who need a program to keep track of invoices that need to be sent, who has paid, and how much.
William Stavers, Los Angeles CA

It worked, thank you so much for your help. I must say the customer service i have had with this software has been fantastic. I do not regret purchasing this software at all. Not only does the software completely satisfy my needs and then some, but your help with the problems I have had has been superior to any other customer service I have had. 
Irish Auto Detailing, Azusa, CA 

"I think your program is helpful and good as it stands, and also that it has powerful potential as it develops. Microsoft has simply tacked a minimal inventory and invoicing module onto its basic personal accounting software and has completely failed to upgrade this weak-sister module for some four years now and shows no sign of intending to. Quicken Deluxe Personal and Business has a severely limited business module, with no inventory tracking at all. They show no sign of adding one. This, I think, so that they don't compete with their own flagship program, Quickbooks -- which is itself too complicated to be useful to the sole proprietor or very small business person. Other accounting programs and inventory programs fail through either being too limited or too complicated and overfeatured."
Jerrold Mundis, Writer, NY  USA

"By the way I think your system is great." (user for 10 months)
Adrian Windridge,  UK

"I must say, that it is nice to see a company respond so quickly and provide such excellent customer service. It is a rare find these days. Thank You," 
Angela Mills, GIS Database Administrator, Prince William County, PA, Office of Info. Tech / GIS Div. 

"The price and simple functionality is unbeatable!"

Richard Dolmat, BC Canada

"I have downloaded your invoiceit! software and think that it is a fantastic program. We love the way you have handled the taxes. So far your program is the only one that is handling it correctly for Canada. Overall a job very well done. The way you have made the software so user mouldable is also a great feature." 
Karen & Peter Sheldon, Tub O'Soap, Ontario, Canada

"I must say that the service and support so far seems amazing, the software is almost too good to be true at that price!" 
Mr R Kemp, Scantec GB


"Absolutely Brilliant! It does everything with ease" This is the best software of this kind I've ever tried, it's so easy to use and takes no time to set up even if you've been using other software and it is cheaper than any similar product on the market. It has an amazing amount of features. I've just started using it but I'm sure it's going to save my company so much time and money and give us a whole new level of professionalism. It's reports, invoicing, tax statements and pricelist printing look great. I couldn't recommend it more."  
Patrick Cornally,

"I rate invoiceit! a 1 (Best I've seen)  - It's the first program I've used that is intuitive, comprehensive, and is actually fun to use in setting up my business.  I bought MYOB for $A329 in 1999 and have never taken to it, especially when they put the onus on me to implement 47 pages of changes in a product that was guaranteed GST-compliant!  I tried Quickbooks Pro and found it better but still not right for me. I also tried Wings 2000 from India but it wouldn't even start and nobody replied to my email so I was thrilled when the next product I tried was InvoiceIt! I have been trying solidly for a month to find a product like this. When I first came across it I thought from the name it was going to be just a lightweight invoicing program, rather than the super comprehensive package it is."
John Postle,, Australia

"I must say that you seem to have thought of everything with your program... I think you have the best program out in the market. I have spent some time browsing what is on offer and yours by far offers the best features." 
Martin Keeling, NET PC, UK

I rate invoiceit! a 1 (Best I've seen)  - I love it because it is so simple to use and it looks so professional.
You guys are great! Very fast service, we thank you for that. I will recommend every chance I get. 

Marsha Heffron, Raven Guitar Co., Illinois

"I really do appreciate your help, and can see how your software is so popular with such great support."  Robert

"I have been looking for a Invoice system as our business is migrating from transfer charges to inter business invoicing... Pleasantly surprised to see that possibly the best option so far is home grown. It has been hard to find a system with standing charges (contracts) and GST, simple to use etc. So well done."  
Chris Soutar, NZI Insurance, Wellington, New Zealand

"I love my invoice it. In fact for the few days I was unable to access it I realised just how much I used it to retrieve various reports and information."  Theresa

"You have been most helpful with all the late-night support for InvoiceIt. It's a shame large software companies don't take a leaf out of your book! Thanks for remembering me, as I said before it's always great to hear you're improving the product from user feedback!"  William Rossell


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