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Setting up to attach PDF files automatically


For automatic inclusion of PDFs on your e-mails you require MS Outlook as your default Mail Client. To set your default mail client, right-click the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop and select Properties. Click the Programs tab and select it from the E-mail dropdown list. See picture at left…

Determine where your PDF attachments should be saved to.

Here is the setting for Adobe (other PDF printers will have a similar option):

a)      click on Start – Settings - Printers & Faxes

b)      identify your PDF printer (here named Adobe PDF)

c)      right-click and select Printing Preferences – you will see what is shown in the picture at right.

d)      Set the Output Folder with the Browse button – in this example it is C:\My Documents\INV5\PDF

Option #40: set to Yes

Option #41: if Yes, creates plain text invoices in e-mail body

Option #42: Select the PDF option

Option #43: Set the same path as above. 

In invoiceit! this location must match. Open Setup p.4 – at lower right you will see this

Use the small ‘book’ button to navigate to the required location and click on any file in that folder. Ensure there is a trailing backslash.

Click button Setup for PDF – you will see the invoiceit! PDF setup screen like this. 
Click on your PDF printer.


A prompt appears “Is (selected printer) your PDF printer?”

click Yes.
You will see the confirmation shown at right click OK


Setup for PDF is now complete. When you decide to e-mail an invoice to a customer, it will be attached automatically as PDF.

To edit e-mail defaults (like subject lines and body text), go to Setup p.5 and select either E-mail Subjects or E-mail Messages at left. Edit at right.